Friday, February 11, 2011

Ways to Disinfect Wrestling Mats

Winter season is the time for wrestling. Wrestling has some unique features associated with it such as one-on-one competition, weight controlled competition, hydration testing, injury time, blood time, and mat cleaning.

Several years ago I found an easy way to clean blood from the wrestling mat. Using one of those spray-then wipe with disposable pads style mops, I was able to disinfect mats without ruining my clothes. Cleaning off the athlete’s blood or his opponent’s blood from body parts is also a concern for hygiene as well as time constraints. So you might consider always having germicidal wipes in your mat-side kits as well as with your coaches.

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Phil Hossler, ATC has been an athletic trainer on the scholastic, collegiate and Olympic levels. He has authored 4 books and numerous articles and served as an officer in state and regional athletic training associations for 20 years. He is a member of four halls of fame including the National Athletic Trainers’ Association’s.