Saturday, August 6, 2011

How To Find the Best Time to Exercise

Is There a “Best” Time to Exercise?

That depends on a number of factors, including your body’s natural rhythms, your metabolic rate, your work and eating schedules and exposure to environmental factors.

Some people are early risers and want to get at it. Others start slower but can maintain longer throughout the day. These natural rhythms, called circadian rhythms, demonstrate peaks and valleys throughout the day. You are most likely to exercise when your energy level is high. Hopefully, you are able to match your meals, job, family, social and exercise activities with your natural rhythms.

6 Guidelines for Selecting the Best Time to Exercise:

  1. Eat little before exercise
  2. Avoid fat and protein sources if you plan to exercise shortly after eating since they digest slower than carbohydrate sources
  3. Exercise after a meal should be enjoyable and mild in intensity so as to aid digestion and weight control
  4. Exercising in the evening may aid metabolism during a normally slower time of the day, but may also cause “energy highs” making sleeping difficult
  5. Carbohydrate sources digest more easily and are the body’s first choice for energy. This does not mean candy though!
  6. If you are healthy enough for your exercise selection, there is no wrong time. Just make it a habit and stick with it.
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