Monday, January 3, 2011

Hand Hygiene in Sports

Recently I spent a long day at a wrestling tournament as the athletic trainer on staff. What was interesting about this one was it was the first time athletes, coaches and officials came up to me seeking hand sanitizers. As hand hygiene awareness has grown, there are now many types of hand sanitizing products available including gels, foams, creams, creams with aloe, and antimicrobial towelettes in a variety of sizes. The next such tournament I do, I will have a larger bottle or floor stand as a part of my table set up.

I just reviewed a study for an educational journal on the possible value of an online tutorial on hand hygiene among healthcare workers. The value of quality hand hygiene to prevent infection transmission cannot be overstated in athletics, families and clinical settings.

As we interact with each other on wrestling mats, and in weight rooms, health clubs, locker rooms and even our homes, we should be conscious of the value of hand hygiene products in microbial infection prevention. Beyond hand hygiene, we shoud also clean surfaces so as to prevent infection spreading among our families and teammates.

Researchers stress hand hygiene in MRSA fight - Read more >>

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Phil Hossler, ATC has been an athletic trainer on the scholastic, collegiate and Olympic levels. He has authored 4 books and numerous articles and served as an officer in state and regional athletic training associations for 20 years. He is a member of four halls of fame including the National Athletic Trainers’ Association’s.

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